Back to Italy after a long pause, an international contest entirely dedicated to shrimps is ready to take place in Cremona on the occasion of Petsfestival 2023. This year, at Petsfestival, over 600 shrimps divided into 18 categories will be judged by an international jury with renowned experts. International Shrimp Contest is organized by Aquashrimp in cooperation with La Mangrovia.

Dive in the magic world of shrimps! Don’t miss the chance to be part of such an extraordinary event involving a top-level international jury.

Registrations from July 1st to October 1st through the dedicated form to be completed and returned per email at: internationalshrimpcontest@gmail.com

Admitted categories

(Red Cherry, Red Sakura, Bloody Mary, Yellow Fire, Yellow Fire Neon, Orange Sakura, Orange Pumpkin)

(Blue Dream, Blue Jelly, Blue Topaz, Blue Velvet, Black Rose, Chocolate, Green Jade)

(Red Rili, Carbon Rili, Orange Rili, Green Rili, Yellow Rili…)

(Blue Tiger OE, Red Tiger OE & Co.)

(Black Tiger OE, Red Devil OE, Black Devil OE, Blue Prussian OE, Yellow King Kong OE..)

(Red Wine, Red Ruby, Red Full Color, Red Mosura…)

(Panda, King Kong, King Kong Extreme, Black Mosura…)

(Metallic, Nanashi, New Pattern..)

Stages of the Competition

Animals arrival

Thu Oct. 12 and Fri. Oct. 13


Sat. Oct. 14

Award Ceremony

Sun. Oct 15 – 12 pm

The jury

Nicolas Reisch - president of the jury

David Vandenabeele

Gennaro Lamba

Bene Tay

Marcin Stadnik

Bogdan Ghica

Neagu Florin

Alexander Brunck

Kevin Stockton - Official Photographer of Event

For more information
Email: internationalshrimpcontest@gmail.com

Mobile: 347 5163643 (Marcello)

For any further information or request, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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